Manerba del Garda stands near the charming park of the fortress ( the same fortress of Manerba) and is one of the most interesting towns in the Valtenesi area.Manerba offers a holiday full of opportunities: many historical, artistic, naturalistic, gourmet itineraries, cycling traks and place to relax and to have fun.

The tourist who pays more attention to historical and cultural beauties will be able to visit the numerous and suggestive churches wich are located on the territory, rich in frescos that testify a traditional and secular religious tradition.The fortress is an authentic natural botanic garden wich boasts more than 400 types of plants, including the 21 orchid species and among them thereare also some very rare species.

Besides these archaeological and naturalistic beauties wich can be found in Manerba it is possible to practice many water sports besides mountain biking along the wonderful roads of Valtenesi. Manerba del Garda boasts more than 10 km of coasts on one part of Lake Garda wich has clear and clean waters.
Even those who love eating good foods won’t be disappointed, there are many places, that as a tradition, give value to the genuineness and the quality of simple products such as oil, wine, freshwater fish, vegetables, truffle and honey.

We have to remember that during the year, very important national and international events will take place such as carnival, the international classical music festival called „ Armonie sotto la Rocca“ ( Harmonies beneath the fortress ), market selling typical products, sports events and meetings concerning the gourmet cuisine like the white fish festival.

So there are many opportunities for tourists who want to pass a day or their holidays in Manerba.


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