A first glimpse of the city is love at first sight, and will entice you to come back and explore it thoroughly.
For the past two thousand years and more, the city walls enclose a unique and breathtaking range of arts-works and monuments.
Recently awarded the status of  a „World Heritage Site“, Verona has delighted painters, poets, travellers and celebrities for centuries.

Verona is a work of art in itself: a fascination cross-roads of historical periods and cultures ( both classical and Germanic), a blend of  both  Nordic  and Mediterranean influences; the city is at the same time both ancient and modern.

A walk through its narrow streets allows you to get in touch with its varied and fascinating past: traces of its splendid Roman origins, its prevailing medieval structure  dating back to the time of  knights and castles, its magnificent Renaissance palaces as well as the impressive fortification wich protect it.

A suggestive blend of art and history wich continuously  fascinates the onlooker.


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